NPS is Broken: 6 Strategies to Fix It

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Net Promoter Score, or NPS, is a leading growth indicator across industries. It is a measure of customer loyalty that can be benchmarked across other players in your industry.

When NPS was developed back in 2003, the world of customer experience and communication looked vastly different. Over the past two decades, advancements in digital technology and our understanding of human behavior have changed much about the corporate approach to sentiment analysis.

Today, we think about experiences in emotions rather than in numbers. When you ask someone if they liked something, their first instinct isn’t to give you a ranking on a scale. NPS does not help companies understand customer emotion in real time, nor does it give insight into how emotions shift through customer journeys. And unfortunately, the way it’s gathered and used today can have flawed results.

NPS isn’t going away any time soon. Too many companies rely on this metric, and we acknowledge that for many of you reading this right now, your performance is often measured on NPS. We know NPS can be a powerful tool if used correctly. Read on for six ways to evolve your NPS strategy to gather more accurate, actionable feedback.