Inform Your Product Roadmap and Prioritize Your Backlog with Customer Feedback Data

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06-2022_Webinar_Translate Feedback Into Action_MarketoSpeakerHeadshot_Melanie_251x251
Melanie Fox
Product Manager,


07-2022_Webinar_Inform Your Product Roadmap_MarketoSpeakerHeadshot_Ashley_251x251 copy
Lu Reed
Lu Reed, Former Senior Product Manager, Apptentive


Melanie Fox, Product Manager at Apptentive and Lu Reed, Senior Product Manager, share a practical demonstration of how to use customer feedback to validate and support product roadmap decisions.

Mel and Lu show exactly what tools and systems they use to collect, analyze, and act on customer feedback data. Specifically, they walk through what this looks like within the Apptentive product (but you don’t need to be a customer to understand what they’re doing).

In addition, they share how to:

  • Analyze both qualitative and quantitative customer feedback without a dedicated market research or data analysis team.
  • Optimize and configure surveys, Notes, and other in-app feedback collection tools.
  • Consolidate and share data when it’s from different sources so you can see the bigger picture.
  • Close the loop with customers who provided useful feedback.